Hello everyone, its me again 🙂 .

How’s everyone? its seems that the weather now a days gets cooler isn’t it ?

So I hope everyone’s taking care of theirselves. As weather gets cooler we think to eat different type of Japanese foods don’t we ?

Like for example whenever we go to other prefecture we always asked whats their special cuisine am I right ?

Which makes us so excited to try it as soon as possible.

But we must not also forget that despite of craving on eating delicious food, we also need to consider on being extra careful for the sake of our Oral Health and having a Healthy body as well. So I hope this simple message can help you nor can give you courage to take extra careful of your health.

So till next time again.Have a nice and wonderful afternoon and evening ahead. God Bless everyone 🙂


This is Emily (Dental Assistant )