Have you ever wonder why do we need to take X-rays?Nor comes to your mind and wonder do I really need to take x-rays?Does it matter to take x-rays?Well there are some reasons that explain why we have to take x-rays,heres the following reasons why taking x-rays are important.We often asked about why we take x-rays or encounter people worried due to the radiation risk.Let us reassure you why we take them.X-rays are a necessary part of good patient care.Since we can see only one-third of the actual tooth,x-rays provide valuable information that we cannot visualize otherwise.I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t feel comfortable if your dentist had a blindfold on,now would you?To help put it in perspective as to Why dental X-rays are so important: Heres The Reasons Why: 1)To look for decay between teeth. which is sometimes not visible to naked eye. 2)To check for bone loss an x-ray will show the degree of bone loss associated with bone loss. 3)Check for decay under fillings an x-ray is the only way to see this type of decay. 4)Look for the Infection at the tip of the Root. if you have an infection near the bone,an x-ray will confirm this. 5)Examine the area before procedures. gives dentist a full view of teeth and bone. Dental Assistant Emily