Hello everyone it’s me again ! I hope you all guys have a wonderful week .Oh by the way how’s your     halloween parties ? I guess you guys enjoyed it.Anyway I’m back again to share some knowledge nor some encouragement most especially for children.But of coarse  can be for everyone as well.
Well the secret of having a Healthy Teeth was brushing ,seeing a Dental Hygienist, and of coarse  having a regular Dental check up is also a plus.And eating healthy foods  like  ,avoiding  drinking too much  beverage especially those contains a lot of acids  which  can also cause  of  tooth decay . And also one concern in keeping a healthy teeth.So as choosing the right toothbrush will do as well.

So   why wait for that to happen ?Instead let’s  prevent it and start doing  it as a habit  the Secret of having a Healthy Teeth. So I hope this simple message of encouragement  will  help  you guys.Till next time of blogging  have a wonderful and bless evening for everyone.And on behalf of Tokyo International Dental Clinic we want to say thanks so much on reading our blog.See yeah !!! 🙂 Gold Bless !!


Emily ( Dental Assistant )