Hello everyone ! It’s nice to be back ! So how’s everyone doing? I guess you guys are all busy isn’t it ? By the way the weather is getting much cooler now a days so I hope everyone’s taking care of their self well.
Especially there are some kind of illness in season like influenza which affecting others Health.So anyway let’s just be more careful for our self.Alright I have some simple tips which I hope will help you most especially to our children who’s  still a baby, do you know that parents can pass harmful bacteria from their mouth to their children’s mouth?
Which can put your children at and increased the risk for cavities .How ? Like for example ,
1)Drinking out of the same cup.
2)Sharing eating the same utensils.
3)Biting off and sharing food.
So as much as possible we have to avoid it to prevent such risk of cavities to our children.So I hope this simple tips will help you guys so till next time blogging.Have a nice day and evening ahead !

This is Emily
(Dental Assistant )