Does it ever happen to you asking your self about the condition of your Oral Health? And even think that its in your own belief their seems to be looking good and healthy? Well if thats what you think ,I can say that maybe they just seems to be ok but ,without you knowing it that one day something’s not right? And than suddenly you just feel such pain which makes you feel uncomfortable.But you just ignoring it,thinking that your too busy to go for Dental check up.Well don’t you know that Oral Health has a big role in our daily life? Especially in our Health condition.Having a good Oral Health can help you prevent from Tooth Decay, Bad breath,especially Gum disease.Its even help you keep your teeth until you gets older.We should also know the Importance of having a Good Oral Health. And its important connections to our over all Health. Aren’t you happy when your Oral Health are in good condition?Just imagine you can just simply smile as often as you want,coz you know deep in your heart that your in good health. In addition to our knowledge if our Oral Health condition is poor,it can possibly leads to sickness like Diabetes ,and so much more.So do you still want to wait for that to happen? Or should I say we need to act fast nor as soon as possible. Emily (Dental Assistant)