Pleasant day to everyone, How’s everyone doing?

I guess all was quite busy due to work schedule. But despite of being busy with your work, we encourage everyone to please still take extra care specially to your health condition its good to know that our body was always in good condition.

But of course, also our Oral Health is also more important. And now that summer is real…

we always wanted to have very cold drinks such as juices, and some alcoholic drinks.

But we must not forget to care for our teeth as well as other drinks may not good for our teeth as they contain high acids which can damage our Tooth  Enamel.
Which causes us an uncomfortable feeling. So please be conscious of the foods nor drinks we take. So I hope this simple message of encouragement will help everyone.

Thanks for blogging with us till next time again 🙂

Thanks so much always and   God Bless !!!!



Emily Manuel

Dental Assistant


東京国際歯科 六本木


Tokyo International Dental Clinic Roppongi