Blessed afternoon everyone,I hope you’re  all doing good. As we all know that New Coronavirus  been spreading all over .So  please be aware and more careful  on your Health  condition.Make sure that you wash your hands frequently.And avoid  going out  to a crowded places.And eating healthy food will also help our body immune system boost, as well as having enough time of sleep.Here are some symptoms that might help you.Like for instance if your having fever above 37 degree C. coughing ,sneezing, and more.

Make sure to see your doctor check on it just to be sure that  you’re not infected by the New Coronavirus.Its better to be safe and attentive on your Health condition.So please    be careful.And I hope this simple message of encouragement help everyone who’s reading our blog.Till next time blogging.GodBless and have a wonderful  day ahead.



(Dental Assistant )